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- Myraygem : To collect high quality color diamond


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According to the data of fancy intense color research Foundation), among all the color diamond, fancy intense and Fancy Vivid level blue diamond and pink diamond prices the fastest growing. Due to excellent quality, which is very rare, the market shortage, coupled with rising demand, Price increases are inevitable, which is the most significant growth is Fancy Vivid Blue blue diamond, the rate of increase is 8.6%, and mainly concentrated in 1 carat And 5 carat grade diamonds. And for the yellow diamond, the value of collection more than 5 carats is much higher than the carat is less than the small yellow diamond Diamond preservation Choosing a diamond ring as a wedding ring for a lot of girls in terms of has become a mandatory project, and this time a lot of people will ask what kind of diamonds to buy value? In accordance with the practice of 1ct and more diamonds more hedge value, but according to 2017 diamond data, 30-50 points of diamond prices rose 15%, 1ct up 12%, 2ct above still continue to rise. All the carat section of the diamond prices have increased significantly, so worry about their own loss of this matter is basically impossible. And De Beer announced 2016 first round rough diamond sales data show that the merchant sales and online auction sales total turnover of 540 million US dollars, compared with last year's rise as high as 118% Color diamond keep a stable Rising trend This year many jewelry events are for everyone to point to a conclusion, the price of color diamond still rising, Rio Tinto announced the opening of the Argyle pink diamond auction in October set a record sales of diamonds in the New York; Christie's New York auction in a 24.18 kt Fancy Intense Blue world-class blue diamond Cullinan Dream to 253.66 million US dollars to become the auction so far the highest price Fancy Intense Blue Blue Diamond, Single ct prices up to $ 1.05 million; Sotheby's Geneva auction in a 15.38 karats of Fancy Vivid Pink powder drill to 30.826 million Swiss francs turnover, in one fell swoop to break the level of pink diamond auction record. The Color Diamond Research Foundation released the second quarter of the diamond price data gave us more clear instructions, blue diamond prices rose 1.1% over the same period last year, pink diamond prices rose 0.7%, the overall price of color diamond compared to 2015 The second quarter rose 0.7% overall price of color diamond compared to the second quarter of 2015 rose 0.4%.more:http://www.myraygem.com/engagement-rings/morganite-rings.html Cut no longer be ignored Diamond 4C you may already know, do you think which one Is more important in the 4C?it’s so difficult to choose, However Rapaport's latest monthly diamond price report released at the end of this year tells us the answer with the data, The market has a greater demand for cut diamonds. Cut, polish and symmetry to excellent level, That is, we often say that the 3EX diamond prices to enhance the most obvious, in fact, this is what people are familiar with the performance of 4C, cut is very important for a diamond beauty , with a good cut diamonds to have a better Fire color, looks more shining, buy diamonds must not ignore it About Myraygem Myraygem is a custom-made jewelry company in the city of Guangzhou,China. Each piece of our gemstone is examined under 10X magnification to ensure they are perfectly aligned and securely set, and that the precious metal has no imperfections.We exclusively work with hand-selected gemstones—every gemstone is individually inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards.We make jewelers with decades of experience and the utmost dedication to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the crafting of your jewelry.Our mission is to cultivate a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. We hold true to our values of awareness by carefully tracking our gems origins. We go beyond the usual standard to guarantee that our jewelries are made with all our efforts. Contact Alan Chen service@myraygem.com http://www.myraygem.com/

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